Jennifer Johnston

At work, Jennifer Johnston is a marketing and communications consultant, helping clients build products, share their stories, and connect with key audiences. With 25 years’ experience both client- and agency-side, she has worked with a diverse range of brands including WestJet, General Motors, RedRover, Labatt,, CARGO Cosmetics, and Xerox.When not in the office, Jennifer spends her time helping with animal rescue and volunteer training, drooling over cars and motorcycles she’d love to have in her driveway, and getting to as many roots/blues/folk music concerts as she can.Jennifer is a bit of a North American nomad, having been based in areas such as Toronto, Burlington, south-western Ontario, Ottawa, Atlanta, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Sacramento. Her work and personal travels have allowed her to see camels walking the salt flats in the middle of Utah, a cowboy named Billy helping to rescue over 350 "Pit Bulls", and a bottle of Pinot Noir so highly-valued that it got its own seat on a flight from France to Toronto.

Product Sampling at the Green Living Show

Green Living Show

As I get ready to attend this weekend’s ninth annual Green Living Show, North America’s largest consumer show dedicated …