3 Fall Hairstyles: All under 4 minutes

By Sarah Khalid

Do you ever wake up to get ready for school or work, and then get hit with the realization that you are running late?

I, like many of you, am faced with this situation daily. I have recently tried out some new hairstyles that are not only simple, but also look great.

Try out these fall hairstyles the next time you are getting ready and pass them on to your friends!

Hairstyle: Inverse Ponytail
Time: 25 seconds

Fall hairstyles trend Her City Lifestyle (2)This hairstyle takes the same amount of time as a regular ponytail does, but it provides a classy and elegant look.

How to:

1) Create a regular low or high ponytail with a hair band

2) Use your thumb and forefinger to create a hole above the hairband

3) Take your ponytail and pull it through the hole

Tip: To make the ponytail tighter, separate the ponytail in two and pull tightly, as you normally would.

Fall hairstyles trend Her City Lifestyle (1)

Hairstyle: Side Fishtail Braid
Time: 2-4 minutes

For those who want to play up the classic 3-part braid, try this look out and watch the compliments that you will get!

How to:

1) Sweep your hair onto one side and fasten with a hair band

2) Separate your hair into two parts

3) Take a chunk of hair from the back of the right portion and move it over to the left side

4) Then, do the same from the left side

Tip: For a more laid-back look, lightly separate sections of the braid with your fingers, this will create a looser looking braid. 

5) Repeat this process until you feel your braid is long enough, and then fasten at the bottom with a hair band

Fall hairstyles trend Her City Lifestyle (3)

Hairstyle: Rope Braid 
Time: 2-4 minutes

For a sleek look that can be worn anytime of the day, try out this braid that is simple and perfect for those who have medium-to-long hair.

How to:

1) Comb your hair and tie it into a high ponytail

2) Separate your hair into two parts and use your fingers to twirl each section until you reach close to the bottom of your hair

3) Now, cross the two hair parts over each other

4) Keep crossing until you reach the bottom of your hair

5) Tie it at the bottom with a hair band

Tip: Spray this look at the end with hairspray so that it lasts longer.

Happy Styling!


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