Beauty Secrets for Women Over 60

Who said beauty is only for those who are young?  Well today, this is no longer the case.  Even if you are already more than 60 years old, you can still look beautiful and young looking.  However, clearly, beauty tips for young women and those who are old differ a bit.  It is because older women require extra special care for their skin and body.  They need to exert more effort on maintaining their skin since they expected to look older as compared to those who are still at their 20’s or 30’s.

Aside from taking care of the skin, dressing properly is already included in the beauty equation for women over 60. With the rapid changes in fashion, older women have to adapt really fast so they won’t lag behind those who are young. By dressing properly, one can cut down 5 or even 10 years from their actual age since many clothes can easily create illusions most especially if the natural contours of the body are followed.
Growing old also means increasing your vitamin intake, or at least, eating more vitamin-rich foods. Vitamins A and E are two of the most important vitamins for older women since they initiate skin repair and growth.

A person who is taking vitamin supplements will surely have a higher chance of looking more radiant because her body has faster regenerative capabilities. If you haven’t started it yet, try eating more greens and fruits right now. Establishing this habit as it prevents the skin from losing too much moisture and keeps it from becoming excessively dry. You will never look lifeless again.

There are still a lot of specific beauty tips for older women like doing regular facial treatments, shying away from too much makeup or powder, working with cream lipstick in place of gloss or matte and applying SPF 15 products to protect the skin against harmful UV rays among many other tips.

But more importantly, it is always encouraged that a woman over 60 must keep the right kind of disposition and must wear her smile. Sometimes looking beautiful, despite being old, only depends on the attractive aura that only a smile can make.


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