Fall Skincare Tips

by Anne Zimmermann

There is no denying it, the summer is long gone. The temperatures are dropping along with the humidity, resulting in the skin looking and feeling dry. For some, breakouts are also occurring due to the build up of dead cells.

It is time to repair the skin from the summer damage and prep it with a season appropriate regime. Here are a few easy changes to keep your skin looking beautiful!

Step 1 – Exfoliate

This is a very important step. Use a grainy gel to buff away the accumulation of dead cells that naturally layer the surface of the skin which occurs during exposure to UV from the sun. It also helps to clear out breakouts and bumpy, uneven skin.
Depending on your skin sensitivity you should exfoliate once to twice a week – just remember to be gentle!

Step 2 – Switch your serum for an oil

Put away your hydrating serum and trade it in for oils. They penetrate into the deepest level of the skin, leaving it luminous, nourished and healthy looking.
After cleansing your face, simply massage 3 to 5 drops of oil into your skin and follow with a moisturizer.

Step 3 – Moisturize

Just like trading bikinis and summer dresses for warmer clothes, you also need to switch up your moisturizer for something more weather appropriate. The face needs more nourishment in the fall and your light summer fluid simply won’t cut it.
If your skin is normal to dry, you need a richer moisturizer to preserve your skins natural oil and protect it.
Don’t forget to moisturize your hands as well.

Step 4 – SPF

Don’t ditch it, the sun doesn’t stop shining after September! Opt for a BB cream or apply a sunscreen after your moisturizer. Rain or shine !

Step 5 – Lip balm

Don’t wait for your lips to get dry and cracked to start moisturizing! Apply your lip balm as a skin care regime and as often as needed during the day.
When the first signs of dryness appear, put on a thick layer of vaseline just before bed and wait till the morning to remove any excess.

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Anne Zimmermann

Anne Zimmermann is a Toronto based makeup artist and educator. Having completed her training in France, she brings her “beauté” expertise from movie sets and high fashion runways. You can now see her work on TV personalities at CityTv, CTV and also in various Canadian magazines. Follow her makeup tips on Twitter and Facebook and Instagram (@anneZmakeup)

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