Halloween Vampire Makeup Tutorial

by Laura Kay


    • Very pale foundation – not completely white but at least 3 shades lighter than your skin
    • White or very light tone setting powder
    • Eyebrow pencil or powder
    • Black cream eyeliner or base
    • Matte grey eyeshadow
    • Matte black eyeshadow
    • Matte reddish-purple eyeshadow
    • Black eyeliner pencil
    • Dark red or purple lipliner pencil
    • Black mascara
    • Brushes – large powder brush, flat shader, fluffy blending, small pencil/crease, smudge



      • Blend, blend, blend!!! Blending is key to making this vampire look soft, yet creepy.
        Black and red are two of the most difficult eyeshadow tones to work with – not to scare
        anyone from trying this look themselves but the key to giving the eyes a sunken
        appearance lies in the expert blending of these two shades into one another!
      • Black eyeshadow tends to produce a lot of fall out – in other words, shadow falling
        onto your upper cheeks as you apply it to the eyespace. Work with very small
        amounts of product at a time, and always be sure to tap any excess shadow off your


Step 1 Vampire Makeup Tutorial
Step 1 Vampire Makeup Tutorial

Step 1. Apply a very pale foundation to your entire face. Set with a pure white or very light
toned pressed powder on a large powder brush.

Step 2 Vampire Makeup Tutorial
Step 2 Vampire Makeup Tutorial

Step 2. Fill in your eyebrows using a shade or two darker than your natural brow colour.

Step 3 Vampire Makeup Tutorial
Step 3 Vampire Makeup Tutorial

Step 3. Create a hollow face shape by contouring the cheeks. Create a shadow under the
cheekbone by applying a matte grey eyeshadow with a very fluffy blending brush. Blend this in very well to soften any harsh lines.

Step 4 Vampire Makeup Tutorial
Step 4 Vampire Makeup Tutorial

Step 4. Apply a black cream base to your eyelid space only, not going above the crease. Set with a matte black eyeshadow on a flat shader brush, and blend slightly into the crease to create a soft edge.

Step 5 Vampire Makeup Tutorial
Step 5 Vampire Makeup Tutorial

Step 5. Blend out the crease with a fluffy blending brush using a reddish-purple eyeshadow. Blend into the black eyeshadow in the crease to create a soft gradient effect. The black should blend into the reddish-purple tone seamlessly. Dip your brush back into the reddish-purple shade as needed – you want to be able to see this colour while still having it well blended with the black eyeshadow. This may create some fallout on the cheeks, which we will clean up later!

Step 6 Vampire Makeup Tutorial
Step 6 Vampire Makeup Tutorial

Step 6. Apply a generous amount of black eyeliner pencil to your lower lashline, and use a small smudge brush to set it with black eyeshadow. Using a small pencil brush, blend out the black with that same reddish-purple shadow. The hollows of the eyes should be completely blacked out, with the entire outside edge blended out in the reddish-purple shadow.

Step 7 Vampire Makeup Tutorial
Step 7 Vampire Makeup Tutorial

Step 7. Line your lip line only with a black pencil liner. Fill in the lips with a red or dark purple pencil liner. Using the red or purple liner, blend the black liner in. This should create a gradient effect, with a strong black line, fading to a reddish-purple tone on the lips.

Step 8 Vampire Makeup Tutorial
Step 8 Vampire Makeup Tutorial

Step 8. Finish of the look with some black mascara and a coat of dark purple lipstick. Clean
up any fallout on the cheeks by sweeping it away with a clean, soft brush. Reapply the
white or pale setting powder on these areas to brighten it up.

Laura Kay

Laura Kay is a makeup artist and skin care specialist from Stoney Creek, Ontario.  Over the past several years she has built a successful career in the cosmetics industry working as a spa aesthetician, cosmetic dermatology technician, as well as a freelance makeup artist.  She continues to develop her knowledge and skills as a cosmetic expert by participating in workshops, tradeshows, and other events, and loves to educate others through blogging and social networking to share her knowledge with others.

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