Wedding Prep: Beauty Budget 101

By Chelsey Gike

You are counting down the minutes until your big day, all the major expenses are out of the way, when you look at your budget and realize you went a teensy bit over. Maybe more than a teensy bit. You decide that since there isn’t much you can do at this point to cut the wedding expenses, you will do some of your beauty prep at home. What a great idea! There are definitely ways to get ‘beautified’ for your big day without breaking the bank. Here are three at-home treatments that are natural, and safe to try before you walk down the aisle.

Moisturizing Facial:

For a great exfoliating mask, try using a few ingredients you can find right in your pantry! There are tons of great recipes online for all different skin types, and you can always tinker with the ingredients to find what works best for you. Unless you have any strange allergies (honey anyone?), using all natural ingredients on your face is a safe DIY prep treatment. You should still make sure to do it at least a week before the big day, just in case!

At-home Facial Recipe:

Mix 1 teaspoon of honey with 1 teaspoon of olive oil. In a separate bowl, prepare a packet of plain oats, using about 1-2 tablespoons of water less than usual. This will form a thick paste. Once the oats cool slightly, mix them with the honey & oil mixture. Gently apply in circular motions, being careful to avoid your eyes. This natural mask will brighten, exfoliate, and moisturize, all in one!

Deep Condition your Hair:

Using only one simple ingredient, you can give your hair a great boost and a fresh, silky feel. This is a great prep for your wedding day hair, since it will be shiny and moisturized before you treat it with products and heated tools! Want to know what that ingredient is? Coconut oil! Another pantry (or grocery store) staple. coconut oil is a great at home treatment, since it is easy and inexpensive. Just slather it on, protect your hair with a shower cap, and go to sleep! The next morning, just wash it out and notice how great your hair feels.

Exfoliate your Body:

Giving yourself a lovely body scrub is not only relaxing, but it is a great prep for the big day. It’s a great way to treat yourself, without having to make an expensive trip to the spa. Your skin will look and feel rejuvenated, giving you a fresh glow in your wedding pictures! Once again, using all natural ingredients is a safe and surefire way to feel great.  Here is my go-to body scrub recipe.
*Mix 1 cup of coarse sea salt with ½ cup of raw sugar. In a separate bowl, mix ½ cup of baby oil, with 10 drops of your favorite essential oil (I personally love lavender.) Add in the juice of half a lemon, and a small zest of the peel. Mix all ingredients together. Apply to your body, scrubbing at any extra dry areas. Let sit for 5-10 minutes, then rinse!

*PS – There are absolutely a few things NOT to try at home before you tie the knot! Here are a couple of those DONT’s!

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New Hair Color:

This is definitely risky. Unless you are a box-color connoisseur, leave the hair coloring to the professionals – You wouldn’t want green hair on your wedding day!

Chemical Treatments:

All natural facials and scrubs are safe, but testing out a new peel right before the big day is a no-no. Save that for another time, or leave it to a spa professional.


Waxing yourself, especially any facial waxing, is a big risk before the big day. Swollen, red, or broken skin is something that will not be easy to hide in your wedding pictures. Head to the salon for a proper wax!

Chelsey Gike is a wedding & event planner and floral designer in the GTA. As owner of Ready to Rock Weddings and Events, she’s always available to chat about making your next event fabulous. Follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

Chelsey Gike

Creator of fabulous fetes, designer of sassy stems, glitter lover and girly girl. Creative thinker, passionate about love, and all the fabulous things that go into your big day.

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