Apply False Eyelashes Like A Pro!

You don’t have to be a makeup artist to achieve stunning, professional-looking makeup. Even the most basic, natural makeup looks can be amped up in no time with a few very simple tricks. False lashes are my number one go-to makeup item when I want to really give my look that extra little bit of glam. Applying falsies can sometimes be a little bit frustrating if you’ve never done it before, but with a little patience and practice, they are a foolproof way of instantly glamorizing and polishing your overall look.

How To

  1. Begin by making sure your face and eye makeup are both finished, complete with liner and mascara.
  2. Use small, very sharp eyebrow scissors to trim the lash band to an appropriate length for your own lash line. Most of the time, the strip is going to be too long – this is one of the main reasons that false lashes lift and fall before the end of the night. Take a few minutes to compare the lash strip with your own natural lash line and trim them so that the lash strip matches the length of your own lash line. Trim from the inner corner of the lash band, not the outer!
  3. Apply a very thin strip of lash adhesive to the lash band. The best glues are ones that come in a small tube with a brush applicator. The squeeze tube ones can sometimes get messy and apply too much glue to the lash strip. Keep it neat and tidy with a fine brush applicator, and remember, less is more. Make sure you get enough adhesive to the very ends of the lash strip, as these areas are what tend to lift first if the lashes are not adhered well.
  4. This is the most important step – be patient and wait for the adhesive to dry a bit. Resist the temptation to immediately put them on, and wait a minimum of 30 seconds. In fact, 1-2 minutes is ideal to allow the glue to become sticky and less watery. Applying the lash immediately while the glue is still wet and very fluid will make a big mess of your eye makeup, and the lash strip will just slide around on your eyelid.
  5. Hold the lash strip with tweezers, and try to place the center of the lash strip down first. Flip the tweezers around and use the end of them to press the each end of the lash strip down. Hold each end down for a few seconds to ensure that it adheres. The lashes should be placed on your eyelid against skin, as close to the base of your natural lashes as possible. Try to avoid placing the false lashes right onto your natural lashes – removing them will be more difficult and could cause your natural lashes to be pulled out.
  6. Use a felt tip liquid liner pen to cover up any areas of visible glue.

Pro Tips!

  • If you’re new to applying false eyelashes, start with half strips. They are easier to apply than both full strips and single lashes in my opinion, and give a more natural appearance. Full strips can sometimes be overwhelming on the eye, especially if you aren’t used to using them.
  • Do NOT just pull the lashes off at the end of the night. Removing your falsies properly is just as important as applying them. My trick is to take two cotton pads and soak them with warm water and makeup remover. Press the cotton pads over each eye for 10-15 seconds. The combination of warm water and makeup remover will soften the glue and loosen their bond to your lids, making them easy to peel away without damaging your natural lashes.
  • Don’t coat your falsies in mascara – this can damage them or make your lashes look clumpy and messy. The beauty of false lashes is their smoothness and symmetry, which can give your makeup an expert, polished appearance. If you want more voluminous lashes, simply look for false lashes that are thicker!
  • Play with different lash styles – the options are endless! Different lashes will suit different makeup styles and eye shapes, so find what works best for you!

For myself and many other women, having fun with makeup can be a wonderful creative outlet. False lashes can add that little finishing touch and can make an amazing difference to your overall makeup look – from very subtle, natural looks, to more dramatic, vampy makeup. As a makeup artist I truly believe there is no right or wrong way to wear makeup – just have fun with it!

Laura Kay

Laura Kay is a makeup artist and skin care specialist from Stoney Creek, Ontario.  Over the past several years she has built a successful career in the cosmetics industry working as a spa aesthetician, cosmetic dermatology technician, as well as a freelance makeup artist.  She continues to develop her knowledge and skills as a cosmetic expert by participating in workshops, tradeshows, and other events, and loves to educate others through blogging and social networking to share her knowledge with others.

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