Pro Makeup Tips for a Glamourous Holiday Look

Winter is nearly upon us here in Ontario, and dark, vampy makeup trends are on the
rise. Bold, wine coloured lips, flawless skin, and smokey lids are among some of the
very popular, yet classic makeup trends during this time of year. With the holidays
around the corner, this season is also one of the best times to also experiment with fun,
glitzy makeup. Between the darker, colder weather, Christmas parties, and your sparkly
New Year’s Eve outfit, the holidays are a great time to really play up your look,
experiment with deep tones, and try new things! Although glittery lids and dramatic lips
are popular trends for this time of year, if you’re not used to wearing these looks often,
they can be tricky to pull off. My pro tips can help you master a few tricks to keep your
winter makeup flawless!

Create your canvas:

  • Always prep your skin before makeup application with a hydrating moisturizer. Let it
    sink in for at least 15 minutes to avoid excess oiliness causing your foundation to
    smudge. Blot your skin with one ply of tissue to pick up any excess oil before
    foundation application!
  • Apply an illuminating primer all over your moisturized skin right before you put on
    foundation. This will ensure a smooth application and will give sometimes dry,
    dehydrated winter skin that much needed, all-over glow.
  • Use a high-quality, pure mineral foundation for a natural, satin finish. Regular
    foundations can tend to look cakey, and powder foundations comprised of talc can
    look very powdery and dry, which can give the skin a dull appearance. Minerals are
    great for drier winter skin – they nourish the skin inside and out while still providing
    beautiful coverage, and a natural radiant appearance.

Play up your eyes:

  • Metallic finish shadows are hot for the holidays – apply a charcoal or coppery toned
    metallic all over the lids to create a simple, yet multidimensional smokey look. Metallic
    shades will reflect more light than matte or satin finishes, yet appear deeper in areas
    of natural shadow. This gives the appearance of professional contouring, but is as
    simple as using just 1 product on the eyelid!
  • Glitter can amp up any makeup in no time, but it can be tricky to work with and
    sometimes just does not want to stay put. Dampen a synthetic concealer brush with
    some basic eye drop solution, and dip your brush into the glitter. Press the brush
    against your eyelid instead of using a sweeping motion. Use a fan brush to sweep
    away any fall out on the upper cheeks.
  • Finish with some falsies! False lashes instantly make even the most basic eye
    makeup glamorous. Start with half strips if you’re a beginner. Apply a very thin strip of
    glue to the lash band, and just be patient for a couple of minutes! Allowing the glue to
    dry and become tacky will make the lashes much easier to place on the upper lash
    line. Use tweezers to expertly position the lash band as close to the lashes as
    possible, then flip your tweezers around and use the end of them to gently press the
    lash band down onto the eyelid. Use a felt tip liquid liner pen to cover up any visible

Long lasting lips:

  • Red and berry tones are beautiful on all skin types during the holidays, the trick is just
    picking the best shade for your natural undertones. If you have cool or pinky
    undertones, stick with blue based reds and avoid the orangey undertoned ones. Deep
    wine tones are very flattering on medium to dark, warm complexions. If you have
    yellow or olive undertones, stick with warm, brick reds.
  • Deeper lip shades look beautiful when first applied, but can sometimes tend to bleed
    outside the lip line, smudge, and wear off. If your lips are dry, cracked and flaky,
    gently exfoliate them with a pinch of sugar, and moisturize with a lip balm. Prime your
    lips with a very matte concealer or your foundation and allow it to dry while you finish
    your eye makeup. Line your lips with a lip liner, then turn the liner onto it’s side and fill
    in the entire lip area. Apply thin layer of your lipstick (matte formulations will always
    last much longer than glossier ones), and blot off the excess with one ply of tissue to
    really set the pigment into your lips. Reapply another thin layer of your lipstick to

Makeup application is an art form like many, and practice makes perfect. Experiment
with different products, brushes, and application techniques to find what works best for
you. Turn heads at that holiday office party with glowing skin, shimmery eyes, and a pop
of rich colour on the lips! Most importantly, have fun playing with makeup and find a
look that makes you look and feel like your best self!

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Laura Kay

Laura Kay is a makeup artist and skin care specialist from Stoney Creek, Ontario.  Over the past several years she has built a successful career in the cosmetics industry working as a spa aesthetician, cosmetic dermatology technician, as well as a freelance makeup artist.  She continues to develop her knowledge and skills as a cosmetic expert by participating in workshops, tradeshows, and other events, and loves to educate others through blogging and social networking to share her knowledge with others.

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