Makeup: Keep it or Toss it?

By Anne Zimmermann

Did you know that your makeup has a shelf life? After the expiration date, it can clog up your pores, causing breakouts, skin irritations, and even eye infections. Don’t wait until it looks funny or smells bad to discard it. Let’s go ahead and clean up your makeup bag–chances are you probably wont use that blue mascara again!

So, how long does a product last?

Foundation: one year

Like any water-based product, bacteria loves to grow in foundation. Using a pump foundation will last a little longer because your fingers are not in contact with the product. However, you will still have to change your colour from summer to winter, so keep that in mind after you put it away for six months.

Face powder, bronzer, and blush: two years

But remember that cream blushes and bronzers need to be replaced every year. Make sure you’re cleaning your powder and blush brushes at least one a week with water and shampoo. Sponges need to be washed after each application and replaced weekly.

Concealer stick and powder: two years

Liquid concealer: one year. Remember, they are made to conceal blemishes, not cause them.

Eye shadows: two years

Pay closer attention to cream shadow, they tend to grow bacteria quickly.

Pencil liner: up to three years 

To keep them bacteria free, you need to sharpen them weekly. If a white film develops on the tip, they need to go!

Mascara and liquid eyeliner: three months

Because they’re a wet formulation and are in direct contact with the eyes, you need to be really diligent. They have a very distinct gasoline smell once they have gone bad.

Lipstick and lip-gloss: one year

The simple rule of thumb is to smell them–if it smells rancid, toss it!

And finally, if you’re using natural makeup, it will need to be changed every six months because of the lack of preservatives.

I hope these tips can free up some space in your makeup bag; after all, the spring collections are just around the corner.

Anne Zimmermann is makeup artist at CityTV and CTV. Follow her on Twitter and Facebook

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