Cold Weather Beauty Tips

Yikes. It seems that winter has finally arrived and the cold weather is here to stay. That means it’s time to pull out the warm jackets, cozy socks and all of the other bulky items that winter entails. It also means that it’s time to put a few more items into your daily beauty routine.

Unfortunately, winter brings bogged down hair, dry skin, and chapped lips, just to name a few. That means a few extra minutes every day trying to keep yourself from turning into a sad, dry mess and ultimately, a total winter-hater. With only a few extra minutes every day, here are some great tips to keep your skin, hair and overall self feeling mildly better about the brisk winter air.

Shampoo Less: If you are able, this is one tip that really helps throughout the dry, winter season. By shampooing everyday, you deplete the natural oils of your hair, making it more prone to breakage, static cling, and overall damage. The air outside steals the moisture from your hair, and by taking away its defense mechanisms, you can cause irreparable problems throughout more than just the cold months. If you are worried about greasy hair, dry shampoos are a great option as well. If all else fails, at least it’s hat season!

Remember to Moisturize: This seems obvious, but many people forget to quench their dry skin’s thirst at least twice a day in the winter. After a shower, in the morning before getting dressed, before bed each night; whenever you get the chance, make sure to slather yourself in an oil-based lotion. These have properties that help to lock in the moisture and keep your skin from drying out for longer. If you can, wear socks and gloves to bed to keep the moisture in even longer, preventing dry and cracked skin.

Use Lip Balms: It’s tempting to use your pretty lipsticks and shiny glosses all winter long, but you first need to get acquainted with a great balm. Keep your lips from getting chapped by always applying before leaving the house, and slathering on a thick layer before bed each night. This helps to moisturize while you sleep, with no of a chance of coming off with your morning coffee!

Keep your showers shorter (and colder!): Sure, it’s a nice idea to take a long and hot shower or bath in the winter to warm up and relax. Unfortunately, long showers zap the moisture right out of your skin, and the higher the temperature, the more your natural oils are depleted. Try to keep your morning cleanse shorter than ten minutes and resist the urge to turn the dial to boiling; your skin will thank you for it.

Use dryer sheets: This one is a little trick I love to use. Rub a dryer sheet on your hair before styling, and make sure to use one when drying your clothes on laundry day. They are a great little addition to keep the flyaways down, and the static cling out of everything. Not only will you smell extra fresh, your hair and skin will be extra grateful.

With a few extra minutes every day, you can get through winter mildly unscathed. I promise, those minutes will be worth it in the spring time!

Chelsey Gike

Creator of fabulous fetes, designer of sassy stems, glitter lover and girly girl. Creative thinker, passionate about love, and all the fabulous things that go into your big day.

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