Summer Skin

When the temperatures increase, nearly all of us shed a few layers of coverage and spend more time out in the sun’s glorious rays. After the brutally long cold winters we have had lately, raising your chin and soaking up the sunlight sure feels good. But, underneath that sunkissed glow, what is happening to your skin can be alarming.

You need to protect yourself with a good quality sunblock and re-apply frequently. Experts on the subject recommend applying the first coat of at least SPF 30 about 30 minutes before heading out and then every 2 hours, after you have been swimming, or exercising and working up a sweat. Sunburns are painful, can blister and peel and can cause premature aging and lead to skin cancer. Don’t ignore your lips either…look for a lipbalm that also contains an SPF of at least 15. Wide brimmed hats offer some shade for your face and sunglasses will protect your eyes. Many people do not even know that it’s possible to burn their eyes, but it is, and prolonged UV exposure can also lead to cataracts. So those sunglasses are definitely more than just a fashion statement.

With that being said, if you find yourself a little bit burned, try soaking in a cool bath or shower to help cool and soothe your hot skin. I find that applying a moisturizer containing aloe really does a great job to further soothe that tenderness, and some people claim that it helps to prevent the skin from peeling.

If you are a makeup wearer, you may find that you choose to wear much lighter makeup and less of it in the summer than you do in winter months. I’ve found a moisture cream that works well for me year round, so I don’t change with the seasons, but many women do. Use what feels good on your own skin. With so many makeup and skincare options out there, you can’t go wrong by asking the person at the cosmetic counter at your favourite store that sells such products. They are always happy to let you try different brands until you find the one that is right for you.

Angela Cowley

Angela Cowley is a married mother of two teens and a small business owner. When she isn't helping people put together the perfect gift at her gift shop in downtown Stoney Creek, Ontario, you can find her relaxing on the front porch of her century old home with a cold beverage.

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