Your Guide to Beautiful and Flawless Naturally Curly Hair

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Put down your straightener and let your naturally curly mane flow freely. Trust me; it is not as difficult as you may think to keep your curls soft and frizz-free. I have been proudly rocking my naturally curly hair since my mid-teens and enjoy frizz-free days by following these simple rules.

Conditioner is your best friend

Naturally curly hair is generally very dry and brittle. You can still work with this. I condition my hair every day and also use a leave-in. I only use shampoo when my roots are beginning to look oily (i.e. every two to four days depending on the season). Twice a month, I also like to heat half a cup of extra virgin olive oil and massage that into my hair and scalp. I wrap the hair in an old towel and leave it for an hour or so. This natural product moisturizes both my hair and scalp. I take this time
to catch up on my favourite blogs, before thoroughly rinsing the oil
out of my hair.

Ditch the brush and get a hair pic

I use a hair pic, but you may prefer a wide tooth comb. I like to comb out my hair while I’m still in the shower. The pic runs freely and my hair is less likely to break. If my hair is quite knotted, I comb it while the conditioner is still in. After combing it, I spray in leave-in conditioner. This will protect my hair later if I decide to use my blow drier.

Apply a styling product created for curly hair

I have always preferred gel to mousses, crèmes and lotions. I am currently using a spray gel, and I like that it evenly covers all of my strands. After getting out of the shower, I flip my head over, scrunch my hair with my fingers and then spray the gel from root to tip. Regardless if I am air drying or blow drying, I always wait about 20 minutes before touching my hair again. The more you touch your hair, the frizzier it will be. After 20 minutes, I flip my hair over and scrunch it again. This will break up any gel that may have clumped together and I find it ensures my hair won’t get that “crispy” look.

Use a diffuser

I don’t always like to blow dry my hair, but we all know how cold our Canadian winters get. When the mercury starts to drop in my thermometer, I start blow drying my hair. A blow drier with a diffuser is a must, because it prevents your curls from getting frizzy by evenly distributing the air flow. I also keep it at the warm or cool setting as to not dry my hair out too much.

Seal the deal

After my hair is completely dry, I quickly spray it with hair spray. I use something that will block the humidity. Remember; do not overdo it with the hair spray, because it will only weigh down your beautiful hair.

Don’t be afraid of your big hair! Ladies, just own it! Look at Rihanna, she does it perfect!

Our flat haired friends pay big bucks on volumizing products and our volume comes for free. By following these simple naturally curly hair rules, you will keep the frizzies in check and ensure gorgeous locks every day!

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