Faux Fur Coats—Done 3 Ways

By Valerie Tyshchenko 

Winter in Canada isn’t a joke, and while we’re days away from the official beginning of it, we’re already feeling its wrath.

Depending on your style preferences, there are a variety of fashionable outerwear options that’ll keep you warm and stylish. This season has again brought a big, yet enduring trend in the industry—faux fur coats.

Nothing keeps you warmer than a fur coat. However, there are a lot of the animal-friendly options for you.  This winter try to change from the standard black coat to a new silhouette, colour, or design.

The Animal Print Fur

My first choice is an ocelot-printed coat by Anthropologie, which gives you the look of real fur. It’s versatile; you can wear it with a cocktail dress or with jeans and sweater. Finish your outfit with a knitted scarf or a hat.

The White Fur Coat

Personally, wearing a white coat in winter gives me a feeling of celebration and good mood. The white is a color of pureness and symbolizes a fresh start.

There’s one coat that grabbed my attention while on my last shopping session—an Artizia-exclusive lush cocoon of a faux-fur coat. It looks incredibly elegant, however, could be worn with a casual outfit. I can already see this coat perfectly suited with boyfriend-type jeans and black boots. Or you can up-style it with a more intricate combination of the classy beige bodycon dress, nude tights, and matching high heels.

The Parka With Fur

You can’t call yourself Canadian without having a parka in the closet. If you find that a full faux fur coat isn’t your thing, a parka with a bit of faux-fur lining would work.

This combined nylon parka by Zara in classic black works with everything.This parka has a stylish shape enhanced by adjustable waist tabs that can be cinched to create a sleek silhouette. It’s warm, fashionable, not puffy, and has a perfect length. This is the kind of coat that will last a lifetime.

Valerie Tyshchenko is the Marketing Manager for Gomma Fashion.


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