How to Seamless Get a Parisian Look

The following article is a guest post submitted by Chie Suarez.

Paris is known for a lot of great and beautiful things and among two of them are fashion and beauty. When you think of french girls, three colors pop in mind; red, black and white. Red painted on their lips. Black and white as the bottom and top to polish their signature style.

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Aside from their common yet chic ensemble, there are a lot of other factors to consider in order to walk and look like a Parisian chic. Here are the basic tips to master looking like a French girl effortlessly:

Black and white uniform. Every fashion aficionado knows the French uniform: black and white. A white shirt or a button down and a black middle length skirt or pants. These pieces of garment are not only classy, sleek and timeless but are also easy to find. Invest in some good pair of these set apparel and you’re on your building block to being a Parisian chic. Also, try experimenting with prints.

Prep yourself. French women don’t step out with layers and layers of eyeshadow, contour, concealer and foundation makeup. They usually focus on nurturing their base — skin. If you want to look really good, take good care and maintain your healthy skin, body and hair both inside and outside. Undergo treatments whether it be a DIY or by a professional. By fostering yourself, you are able to look good effortlessly.

Work a scarf. Parisian women do not wear scarves.. They simply parade them on display. May it be a headscarf or a major piece to slay your outfit, it will bring your look up a notch. When you’re feeling laid back, a scarf is a key to a fashionable runway in the City of Lights.

Paint your lips red. What color best suits your monochrome ensemble? Finish the look with red lips. It’s all about minimalism and a bold statement. Moreover, don’t you like wearing a luscious red lips? Use a matte lipstick for a non-glossy touch that would stay put for a longer period of time. A bright red lips expresses confidence, romance and elegance.

Stripes. If you’re feeling laid back or running late to work, grab your favorite striped T-shirt and pair it with jeans or whichever bottom of your choice. If you would notice, stripes is well associated with their style. It’s simple and easy to find in stores so stack your cabinet in your striped shirts.

Minimal makeup. Minimal means not putting too much eyeshadow along with contour, highlighter, eyeliner — basically just put enough makeup. French women appears effortless because they work a lot to get a healthy skin. Hence, they only require minimal makeup. Concentrate on your base — a thin layer of foundation, concealer and powder. Then fill in your brows, enough eyeshadow (optional), eye liner (optional), curled lashes, little bit of blush and lipstick. Do not contour. Instead, use your highlighter to direct light on your face.

As the great Coco Chanel once said, “Before leaving the house, a lady should look in the mirror and remove one accessory.” Because you see, Parisian look is about simplicity and elegance without putting too much effort hence, not overdoing your look. Doing everything in moderation whether it be in terms of eating, skin care and overall look is the key ingredient to the perfect French style makeover.

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