Quiet and Intimate: Celebrity Wedding Inspiration Part 4

By Chelsey Gike
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We’ve come to the end of our four-week celebrity wedding inspiration series. Regardless of your wedding style, I hope some of my tips and tricks will come in handy as you plan your big day. The final inspiration post is about small and intimate celebrations from three more famous faces.

Kelly Clarkson & Brandon Blackstock: Kelly and Brandon planned a huge wedding celebration before deciding that it wasn’t for them, and chose to have a very small (only 2 guests!) wedding on a farm. They proved that you can still include traditional wedding elements, regardless of how small your celebration is. Kelly still carried a gorgeous bouquet, wore a beautiful wedding gown, and they still cut a cake. Brides can take some great sources of inspiration from this wedding, from the beautiful location to Kelly’s “sunny” bouquet.

Choose a venue that represents you as a couple; there are some fantastic farms locally that will host weddings and celebrations. Sunflowers are a great flower to include in a wedding bouquet because of their colour and size; they can definitely make an impact. However you choose to have your wedding, regardless of how many people are there, you get to marry the one you love, and that’s ultimately the most important thing.

B Lively wedBlake Lively & Ryan Reynolds: Blake and Ryan managed to have such a private and personal wedding that not one single image of them has ever been leaked. They chose a very beautiful plantation (the one that ‘The Notebook’ was filmed at) in South Carolina, with only their closest loved ones. Martha Stewart Weddings featured their big day, but only their décor and design elements.

Blake and Ryan really wanted their big day to represent their “low-key love,” and this meant nothing extravagant. They once again proved, as many celebrities have, that you don’t need hundreds of people or millions of dollars to host a beautiful celebration of love. Their rustic and vintage wedding had so many beautiful elements, from their creative location to their stunning floral design. Unlike an over the top destination or princess wedding, a low-key barn wedding is something that is quite easy to be inspired by, and is probably much easier on the budget. Regardless of what anyone else says or thinks, your wedding is yours, and you can make your own rules.

America Ferrera & Ryan Williams: America & Ryan really wanted something different, so they chose to get married on a Monday. They walked down the aisle and celebrated at a private mansion in upstate New York, with a very small group of family and friends to witness their union. They didn’t want anything overdone, and had a low-key evening fête. Their colour scheme was black, white and red, and they really tried to utilize their beautiful surroundings as a major part of their décor.

America is a really great example that being a celebrity does not mean having an overly expensive,celebration. They were able to have a private and intimate evening, and this is a great source of inspiration for any bride who wants to host a small wedding. Why not host your nuptials on an “off” day; Maybe not a Monday (that’s a little hard on your guests!), but even a Friday or Sunday would be a great way to cut some costs, and most venues will be much less busy than a Saturday. America & Ryan showed that you can be a celebrity and still have a private and personal celebration with the ones you love.

These couples decided to do these things in their own way; a small celebration does not make it any less special or monumental. Every bride and groom has to choose what will be best for them and if this means eloping or having a very small and intimate celebration, then so be it. Hopefully these last four weeks of inspiration have been helpful towards planning your special day.

Chelsey Gike is a wedding & event planner and floral designer in the GTA. As owner of Ready to Rock Weddings and Events, she’s always available to chat about making your next event fabulous. Follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

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