A Superfood Worth Trying: Acai Berries

By Sarah Khalid

It may seem like new Superfoods are being discovered every day. These foods are advertised with messages saying that they will help you lose weight, your skin will clear up and your overall health will be better. Now, I can’t tell you if all these foods are actually helpful, but one Superfood I do believe in are Acai berries.

Benefits of Acai Berries her City Lifestyle Nutrition

You may have heard of them, they originate from the Amazonian rainforest in Brazil and they are chock-full of fiber, antioxidants, amino acids and essential fatty acids. They are proven to have helped with premature aging and they also are great for your cardiovascular and digestive health.

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As someone who will try anything once, I actually know of people who have tried these berries (and their related products/forms) and have found that consuming them along with following a healthy diet has made a huge impact on the way that they feel. Like any type of supplement/food like this, you have to combine it with healthy eating and exercise if you want the greatest result.

If you are interested in trying this berry, you can actually get it in different forms from Live Superfoods. It is definitely worth a shot if you are interested in a healthy and beneficial product for your body’s overall well being.
Living Intentions Acai Blueberry Superfood Cereal

Sarah Khalid

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