Camu Camu: The Ultimate Antioxidant

You may be wondering (if not from the title alone), what exactly is Camu Camu?

Well, Camu Camu is a fruit that is found in the South American rainforest. It is a red/purple fruit with a similar appearance to a grape.

Unlike grapes, Camu Camu is full of Vitamin C – anywhere from 30 to 60 times more than an orange, the fruit most of us depend on for our vitamin C intake.

On top of that, other health benefits of Camu Camu are:

  1. Curbs the effect of the herpes virus.
  2. Effectively works against depression.
  3. Helps maintain good eyesight.
  4. Improves respiratory health.
  5. Reduces inflammation and fends off viral infections.

While you can not purchase this fruit in your local grocery store, you can, however, purchase Camu Camu products online in different forms.

There are 15 pounds of the berries within one pound of the powder. So only a little is needed to give you a boost of antioxidants.

Tip: Use one teaspoon one or more times daily mixed in with water, juice or a smoothie.

Definitely check it out and comment below once you see your results!

Stay happy and healthy!


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