Feeling Fit With KIND Snacks

By Chelsey Gike

This is not going to be an article about losing weight for your wedding; I happen to hate the bombardment of ‘get fit quick’ and ‘look great on your big day’ articles that surround brides on websites and in bridal magazines. Your partner knows what you look like; they obviously proposed because they love you, regardless of your size.

One thing I am a proponent of is making sure you still fit in your dress when the wedding day arrives! The amount of events that circle around food on the path to the aisle are abundant; showers, engagement parties, rehearsal dinners, just to name a few, all include great food and great company. If you want to ensure that you feel great in your wedding dress, why not try some healthy snacks, like those offered by KIND?

If you are looking for some alternatives for breakfast, snacks or even dessert, KIND Snacks offers many great options. Even one swap a day, from a bagel for breakfast to a Kind breakfast bar, can make a difference. From protein options to vegan and nut free, there is something for everyone. Even grain clusters are a great snack option for a busy bride!

Make sure to check out KIND Snacks for all they have to offer, and feel extra great and energized on your wedding day!

Chelsey Gike is a wedding & event planner and floral designer in the GTA. As owner of Ready to Rock Weddings and Events, she’s always available to chat about making your next event fabulous. Follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

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