Running in the Heat: A Summer Runner’s Guide

With the new hot weather of summer, it’s almost impossible to get the motivation to step out into the sun and go for a run. Try out these tips to make your outdoor exercising more enjoyable and let’s face it, bearable.

1) Get a good playlist prepared. Running with upbeat music helps detach you from any external forces, which will help you forget about the heat.

2) Don’t drown yourself in sweatpants and sweatshirts. Although the heavier your clothes, the more you sweat, in the heat, wearing thick layers can be harmful to your health. You want to avoid getting heat stroke – wear a thin shirt or tank top, and pair it with a pair of shorts.

3) Bring a water bottle. Even running WHILE holding a bottle in one hand can help you burn even more calories. It will help your arms gain strength and if you put cold water in the bottle, it can help you stay cool throughout your run.

Hope these tips helped, Happy Running!

our Guest Blogger Sarah Khalid

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