Explore the Beaches of Australia

By Nicola Williams

Probably you have visited several beaches and explored a little bit about what they derive in terms of fun and excitement. Well, Australia beaches are in a class of their own, incomparable, and unique. When you think of water, Australia beaches surpass others in cleanliness, clear water, big stretch of fine soft sand, and many uncountable activities accompanied by beautiful sceneries. This tells why the world converge here to drown their tight schedule, stress, and to breathe rare air found nowhere else.

Whitehaven Beach

Best Beaches in Australia Travel Her City Lifestyle  (3) Landing at Whitehaven, the first impression it draws to its visitors is fine beautiful sand to walk on barefoot. This sand known as silica separates itself from others, as even when it is extremely hot you rarely burn underfoot. It resembles its name owing to fascinating site and while laying and basking after a swim, sky looks awesome in color blue. During peak season tourists are everywhere with cameras taking their moment to capture almost everything, as there is much to derive from this beach.

Bondi Beach

Bondi is the best of all Australia beaches. Nothing comes close to what bondi offers, housing a Surf Life Saving club one of its kind with an existence of about a century and onwards. There are many activities done here from running, playing soccer, walking, or just enjoying the view and basking. One can spend all day around the beach, as nearby there are restaurants, which offers great dishes and drinks of your preference. Peak season is always full and due to its expansion, you cannot sense congestion as atmosphere is very great. No other beach beats bondi standard it provides to visitors through location of a beautiful city (Sydney) and pollution free.

Lizard Island

Lizard Island is located in Queensland on the Great Barrier Reef, about 150 miles north of Cairns. This beautiful beach secluded in a well-hidden area great for enjoying the rich environment and clean water. Accommodation is great and activities there involve diving, sightseeing, fishing, and many more. It is easily accessed by flying and it is a place to enjoy up to the last day.

Mandalay Beach

The vegetation around is very green, located on the southern side of the capital. It derives its name from a Norwegian shipwreck about a century ago (wreck of the Mandalay), sometimes noticeable when tides are low. It is a good place to hike, shedding some kilos out, sightseeing as it has unspoiled nature. The best way to access, the beach is through a vehicle.

Byron Bay Beach (BBB)

This beach draws surfers all over the world, as it has the best favorable and well-conditioned location. The beach is located on the Northern new south Wales side. It is easily accessible and is a great place to any kind of sport with family members, friends, or even alone. It offers quality moment and is not overcrowded, which gives one time to explore the long stretch. Cafes and restaurants are situated alongside for favorite dish, which are varied.

Best Beaches in Australia Travel Her City Lifestyle  (1)


Australia is the best place to spend a vacation and experience a new wave of uplift for its wonderful beaches surrounded by untouched nature. For all visitors planning to explore this great continent, the best way is to apply for Australian Visas online which processing takes short time, then start the Journey.

Nicola Williams is Her City Lifestyle guest contributor.


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