Toronto Travel Tips

Summer is here, and with that, traffic is at it’s worst. Not only that, but the airport, train stations and roadways are all jam packed, and tensions get high. Everyone just wants to get where they are going, but the stress of making it places on time can cause more anxiety than anything. Here are some tips for maximizing your vacation enjoyment and cutting back on the pre-trip stress.

Pack Light: Well, pack as light as you can manage. When loading the car, getting to your destination, and just getting around in general, are you really sure you want to lug around a backpack, a purse, a laptop bag and that giant rolling suitcase? Probably not. Plus, all those bags have to be packed & organized and you have to make sure you account for everything in them, so it’s even more pre-vacation stress. Only bring what you need, and keep the bags to a minimum.

Leave Early: Account for road traffic, long lines at the airport, or wait times at the train station when planning your day. If you set yourself up to leave at least one hour earlier than planned, it will cut back on the stress of worrying that you are going to be late. Everything runs much more smoothly when you aren’t under the pressure of the clock.

Bring Snacks: For those wait times, delayed planes, or even for when you are stuck in the inevitable Toronto traffic, throw a few light snacks in your carry on bag. Having something to munch on will keep you distracted from the worry and stress, and will keep your energy up for when you finally arrive at your destination.

Find Entertainment: Especially important if you are travelling with children, make sure you bring something to keep everyone from going stir-crazy. Books, small games or even a deck of cards will help to cure the boredom for adults and kids alike.

Most of all, just remember that a vacation is around the corner and that it will all be worthwhile!

Chelsey Gike

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