What you didn’t (but should) know about weight training

Every now and than I meet women who strongly question weight training. They think it is for men only. They are afraid of bulking up and gaining too much muscle. The chance of that happening for an average woman is next to none! I used to get upset trying so hard to explain the benefits of weight training for women, especially for women over 40. Then I realized that most of these women are just scared of the commitment, discipline and hard work that goes with it. They look for excuses, not facts. So, I stopped trying so hard to explain to them why weight training is so good for them. When a woman is ready for a commitment and change, she will listen! In the meantime, to those who already know that women need to train hard to live well, here are few of the most important reasons why:

(1) After age of 30 women lose about 2% of muscle mass per year! That’s why suddenly they feel they are starting to gain weight, and they do! Their metabolism slows down and even if their diet hasn’t changed, their bodies will. For most women weight training will only help them maintain the muscle mass they have, so don’t worry about bulking up!

Besides keeping a healthy muscle mass and toning up, there are so many other benefits:

(2) Weight training reduces our chances of getting breast cancer by 80%. Magda weight training

(3) It also strengthens our immune system. Exercise releases endorphins also known as the happy hormone.

(4) Increased energy levels

(5) Better sleep

(6) Stronger bones and ligaments 

(7) Weight training speeds up the metabolism 

(8) And many women’s favorite reason: It slows down the aging process!!! 

These are facts!!!  If you are not already weight training – What Are You Waiting For???

Train Hard!! Live Well!!

Magda Wilk, IFBB Pro


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