Keep Cool in Summer Heat

Heat warnings are in affect in the Toronto area and not everyone has the luxury of air conditioning. Here are few ways to help keep cool in summer heat.

  • Keep loose – wear loose fitting lightweight clothes made of natural fibres such as cotton, linen and bamboo
  • Cross breeze – use fans to keep air circulating by placing a fan across from a window to create a cross breeze or using two or more fans
  • Keep a spray bottle of water in the fridge to use to give your face and neck a quick cool spritz
  • Keep curtains and shades pulled down over windows and doors during the sunny parts of the day to keep things from heating up too much inside
  • Turn off electronics – lights, televisions, computers, etc. all generate heat
  • Avoid cooking indoors – try grilling or eat foods that require little or no cooking during the hottest days. Perfect time for summer salads, sandwiches, fruit, etc.
  • Go to the mall, movies, or library – even a short visit to an air conditioned mall, library or movie theatre can give some relief
  • Stay hydrated – drink plenty of fluids, preferably water
  • Cool your pulse points – a cold damp towel or ice wrapped in a towel pressed against your forehead, the back of your neck, your inner wrists and backs of your knees can cool you off quickly
  • Cold shower or bath – a cold shower or a bathtub filled with cold water allows you to immerse yourself in the cold water. This is particularly affective right before going to bed
  • Chill your sheets – try putting your sheets in the fridge or freezer for a few minutes
  • Dampen your sheets – dunk your top sheet in some cold water, wring it out so that it’s not dripping wet, only damp, and sleep under it with the fan on

Remember that the elderly, the very young and pets will also need you to help them stay cool and hydrated. Put out extra water for pets but don’t put ice cubes in it – pets require tepid water not icy water. And just think… in a few short months we’ll be knee deep in snow wishing it was hot again!

Merlene Paynter

Merlene Paynter is a freelance writer and content consultant. When she's not working as the Managing Editor at Her City Lifestyle she's mixing up cocktails over at , designing websites, writing, and selling yarn at her new online yarn shop and drinking too much coffee.

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