Reschedule Your Life: Finding Time For What’s Important

Feeling overwhelmed? Life is like that sometimes. We are overloaded, over-scheduled and yet we still worry that we’re missing out. We crash into bed at the end of each day feeling like we haven’t accomplished anything, yet we feel like we’re doing so much.

Sound familiar? You’re normal! If there’s anything I’ve learned since being diagnosed with anxiety and depression a year ago, it’s that being overwhelmed by all I have to do does me no good. I’ve learned how to reschedule my life so that I can fit in what needs to be done and balance that with what’s important.

You’re Not As Important as You Think You Are
I don’t mean to sound insulting, but this is a truth that many of us need to understand. In most cases, life goes on whether you’re there or not. Obviously we all have responsibilities – we have to get our work done, keep the kids fed, and so on. But we don’t have to be all things to all people all the time. Phoning into a meeting if you can’t make it in person, delegating a task to a colleague if you don’t think you’ll have the time to do it well enough yourself, or saying no occasionally to that weekly coffee date with your girlfriends, if it means you’ll have a bit more time to focus on what’s important, is okay. Give yourself permission to say no once in a while, and watch as the world doesn’t come crashing down around you.

You Control Your Calendar
I find calendar invites really annoying. When someone invites you to something using an electronic calendar, it plants that invite right into your calendar for you. Some would say it’s convenient, but I think it’s rude. It means someone else is controlling your schedule for you, saying what you can and can’t do at any given time.

Remember, you ultimately have control over your own schedule. You get to decide what you do and when you do it on any given day. If your calendar is full of “must do’s” and “have to’s”, you’re not making your own time a priority. You’re making everyone else’s time your priority.

Make a list of 10 things (yes, 10) that you want to do more of. Over the course of a month, put these “want to do’s” in your calendar, and keep those appointments with yourself.

We all need time to reflect, disconnect and just be. If you’re life is over-scheduled, then you need to reschedule it. Get over your fear of missing out and get your calendar back under your control! You can do it!

Susan Murphy

Susan Murphy has been working in media and communications for 25 years. She is an award winning television producer with hundreds of shows to her credit. Susan is a partner and digital storyteller at Jester Creative Inc., where she helps people find compelling ways to connect with their audience through video, web design, social media, and training. - See more at:

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