Non-Alcoholic Cocktail Recipes

Whether gathering with friends, enjoying an evening with family, or simply relaxing solo on the porch or patio, the occasion does not always have to call for alcohol. With a little help from my daughter, Victoria, we have assembled a group of our favourite summer non-alcoholic cocktail recipes. Enjoy!

berry spritzer
Berry Spritzer

  • Berry Spritzer – use a large stemmed glass and scoop about a half cup of frozen berries and fill the glass with 7-Up. Garnish with a fresh strawberry and serve cold.
  • Fizzy Peach – for this one, we used a chilled apple peach cider and added fresh local peach wedges, both in the drink and on the rim of the glass. Fizzy and delicious!
  • Infused Water – one of our favourite ways to hydrate is simply by adding berries and other fruits to water. Here we have assorted frozen berries in a small Mason jar, making it the perfect “grab and go” drink. We enjoy adding fresh lemons and limes to sports bottles as well, especially refreshing while working out.
  • Smoothies – so many options for this one, but here we have used a cup of milk, 6 ice cubes and a cup of frozen mangoes and berries. Equally good with soy milk or yogourt, and if you like bananas (they are not much of a hit in our household), they are a nice addition as well.
  • Cold Teas – this one is our latest find and I love the endless possibilities of this drink. Here, we gathered assorted Mason jars (they are in abundance in my kitchen cabinets…likely from the jars of delicious locally made market jams we buy), and filled them with cold water. Add 2 teabags to the small sized jar and 4 to the large ones. If you use loose leaf tea, then use an equivalent amount to make 2 or 4 cups. Cover and store in the refrigerator for 6-12 hours to brew. Voila! Cold brewed tea! The varieties pictured here are orange pekoe teabags and a looseleaf lemon ginger, both in large jars, and spearmint teabags in the small jar. We don’t sweeten these teas, but if you find it necessary to do so, try using a little honey after the tea has brewed.

I think any of these drinks beats a plain old can of pop any day!

Angela Cowley

Angela Cowley is a married mother of two teens and a small business owner. When she isn't helping people put together the perfect gift at her gift shop in downtown Stoney Creek, Ontario, you can find her relaxing on the front porch of her century old home with a cold beverage.

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