Romantic Valentine’s Dinner at Home: Just Me & Thee

Want to celebrate Valentines with your sweetheart; and not drop a load of cash while sitting in a restaurant full of strangers, staring at the same Table de Hȏte menu? Then make it special, plan ahead and stay at home.

You’ll enjoy a great meal, a relaxing time lingering over a bottle of wine and not be moved on for the next seating. And, you’ll have fun. Here’s how:

If you have kids, see if you can call in a favour and get a child minder for the evening. Dress up, maybe sprinkle a little of that perfume you’re not allowed to wear into the office. Set a nice table, haul out the good china and crystal and light some candles. You can choose your own music, your own tone and your own volume too.

Now what to eat? Well you could go for some tried and true, but what about something just a little different; that has a sweet Valentines theme.

(Full disclosure, I am not the cook in my home, my husband does it all.)

One year my husband prepared me some delightful beet ravioli, cut into the shape of hearts. The ravioli was stuffed a pine nuts and goat cheese puree and he served with a scrumptious balsamic vinegar sauce. That was just for starters. Want to try it? Here’s the recipe.

Up next on his Valentine menu were some seared scallops. They were the size of toonies with a rich umami miso sauce. Absolutely melt in your mouth delicious, and a perfect meal. He paired this with seared baby bok choy. Give it a try.

Sound good so far? Yes. We didn’t forget wine either, we kicked off the meal with a glass of sparkling Prosecco, and for dinner we enjoyed one of my favourite Canadian Wines “Lailey Pinot Noir”. If you haven’t tried this Niagara-on-the-Lake delight, do it now. You have to place an order with the winery, as they produce small batches, and do not sell through the regular liquor store channels.

Not to be outdone, he finished the meal with homemade pralines. After I had one, I locked the rest in the freezer, for my waist’s sake entirely.
We celebrated our 2012 Valentine’s with a lovely night at home, with great eats, company, wine and music. No parking taxis or tips.

Here’s to you and your sweetheart, choose to do something different this year and not run with the masses. Do something you’ll enjoy and remember forever too.

Stacey Diffin-Lafleur

Smart, small and curious. I am a marketing professional who works fast, thinks fast, and get the right results … fast. With a positive and strategic outlook into the world and years of practical experience, I understand the value of relationships and the impact that these can deliver.

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  1. I think if my husband had your husbands cooking abilities I’d opt for home too, but because the idea of fish sticks and fries doesn’t appeal, we’ll be heading out. thanks for the great article. I’m now inspired to cook for his bday at least.

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