Family Cooking Ideas

One of the most important things you can do for a child is to get them involved in cooking from a young age. Not only does it teach them responsibility in the kitchen, it gives them the knowledge of what they are consuming, and many people say it helps to keep picky eaters at bay, as they are thrilled to be part of cooking for themselves.  We love the idea of getting the whole family involved in making meals and making sure everyone lends a hand around the kitchen. Here are some tips for cooking with all ages and ensuring a good time is had by all!

Safety First: The most important part of getting everyone involved in the kitchen is to make sure that there are some rules set and that the safety concerns are met. For example, you want to ensure that children are not getting involved with the knives or the hot stove, and the age old rule of ‘handles facing in’ should be taught as well. You’ll want to make sure that no one gets hurt or has a bad experience in the kitchen to make the most of this time together!

Easy Recipes: Secondly, you’ll want to make sure to choose a recipe that isn’t too fussy or requires too much hands-on time. The kids might get bored or distracted quickly if you are prepping a long-winded recipe, and that defeats the purpose of cooking together! You will also want to make sure that the recipe is approachable for everyone; nothing with exotic ingredients or too many steps or the kids might not want to eat it after. There are some fantastic sites on the web with family friendly, inexpensive and non-time consuming meal ideas.

Divide the Work: To ensure everyone is involved and lending a hand, divide up the steps and divide the jobs. Have the older kids and adults working on the fussy parts; cutting, heat, etc. Let the smaller kids do simple things like stirring, measuring and mixing. Everyone will be thrilled to lend a hand, and dinner will come together much faster!

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