Getting the House Ready to Sell – Make the Kitchen Shine

The kitchen is the most important room in the house to make shine when getting your home ready to sell.  And it is also believed by experts to be the easy room to begin in.

Get the Counters Empty

To start get everything taken everything off the kitchen countertop.  This means everything – even the toaster or blender or any other appliances.  You can put these appliances such as the blender or toaster and others in a cabinet and take things out when you want to use them.  You will be surprised how much storage space you will find in drawers and cabinets.  But if you don’t have space to put everything, you will probably need to clear out the cabinets as well.

The pans and pots and dishes that very rarely get used should all be packed in a box and put into storage, and that is one less box to pack when you move.

Why Do This?


This needs to be done since homebuyers will open all the drawers and Junk Drawercabinets particularly in the kitchen.  They are checking to be sure that there is room for all their “junk”.  If your kitchen pantry, drawers and cabinets, look crammed full of your “junk”, it will send a negative impression to the buyer and does not have the image of storage space that is plentiful.  The best way for this to be done is to have as much “empty space” everywhere.

If you have a “junk drawer” as most people usually do, get rid of everything in the drawer.  Also, if you have a crock-pot that you never use, put it in storage.  Do this with all the kitchen drawers and cabinets to create as much open space as possible.

Pantry Shelves

If you have a huge amount of food that is cluttering up the pantry or shelves, start using them – particularly canned goods.  You certainly do not want to carry heavy canned goods and you don’t want to carry them to a new house or pay a mover to do so.    Start making your menus around what is let on the shelves and use up as much of the canned goods and foodstuff that you can.

Beneath the Sink

Underneath the sink is really critical.  Make certain that this area underneath the sink is as empty and clean as it possibly can be and remove all the extra cleaning products that are usually stored there. You need to scrub this area and examine if there are any signs of water leaks that can make a home buyer hesitate in buying your home.

Make your kitchen shine as much as possible and have a lot of empty space.Home-Improvement-Kitchen-Decor


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