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Magda Wilk is a highly regarded International Federation of Body Building (IFBB) pro-figure athlete, back-to-back Natural Universe title winner (2006, 2007), and instructor at the Clarity Centre in Oakville, Ontario.  She is the founder, with her husband, of Wilk Fitness Vacation, which integrates fitness and clean-eating education travel lifestyles.  When not pumping iron and keeping up with the latest in fashion, she devotes herself to studying recent technological innovations in wellness and health treatments.

Best known fact about Magda: “That’s easy!  I love to work out, eat clean, and inspire others!”

Least known fact about Magda: “I washed dishes for a banquet centre when I was 16. Shhh!

On living in Toronto: “Ah, all of Toronto’s amazing restaurants are a constant temptation for me—and continually test my discipline—because their exotic menus don’t align with my clean-eating rules!”

Favourite saying: “Strength is the product of struggle.  You must do what others don’t do to achieve what others won’t.”— Henry Rollins
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