Julia Meadows pictureBorn and raised in Toronto, Julia Meadows has always enjoyed writing. She kept up this hobby all through her elementary and secondary education, developing her skills as she went along. Currently, she is majoring in East Asian studies at the University of Toronto, where she is learning Korean. In addition to juggling learning a language alongside her other courses, Julia previously wrote for The Window, New college’s official student publication. She thoroughly enjoyed her time there as it aided in her understanding of how magazines and other forms of journalism come together. She is looking forward to writing more with them in the future to help her make the most of her university experience.

When not at school, writing, or playing video games, Julia enjoys playing the piano and singing, amongst other musical pursuits. Music has always been a big part of her life and, naturally, an inspiration for many of the stories she writes. She hopes to get back into choral music once she is finished her time as a student, but at the moment, music remains one of her favourite ways to de-stress after a long day of classes.

To keep active, Julia has been taking karate in the east end of the city since the spring of 2014 and is loving it! She also enjoys going for runs around her neighbourhood, when the weather is agreeable. Her favourite running app is currently Zombies, Run!, which lets her combine her need for motivation while exercising with her love of fiction.