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Her City Lifestyle is a highly regarded and recognized online magazine written by and dedicated to women. Working in collaboration with diverse industries—Entertainment, Business, Broadcasting, Media, Food & Beverage, Health & Fitness, Art, Beauty & Fashion, and Information Technology—Her City Lifestyle always delivers the latest entertainment news, fashion styles, health news and trends, and the most cutting-edge technological developments.

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HCL accepts sponsorships from a variety companies in the fashion, food, beauty, health, and housing & design industries. Banner ad space is available throughout the site and in the right column—please contact us for stats and pricing.

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HCL writes reviews on restaurants, events, destinations, the latest tech gadgets, and chic accessories for urban women. We reserve the right to share an honest opinion. If you’re interested, contact us with info on your product or service.


HCL hosts giveaways for on-trend and buzzed-about items its readers will love. Contact us for more information.