Online Dating. Take 2. The Dates.

The first part of this series is Online Dating. Take 1.

Well what can I say. There will likely not be a ‘take 3’ piece to this series.

My profile was officially ‘hidden’ and then cancelled this weekend after my foray into the world of online dating a little over a month ago. NOT to say that online dating is awful. It does have its ‘pros’ with how efficient and practical it is. But for me, the ‘cons’ far outweighed anything positive..

I did manage to go on quite a few ‘coffee dates’ during my brief stint on a very popular site. I tried not to be closed-minded and managed to stick to meeting only those men that appeared to meet the qualities and lacked the ‘deal-breakers’ I was looking for. They were all very… nice. Some more strange than the others, some more polite than others and some with more of an ability to converse than others. I found the ol’ ‘bait and switch’ happening in many cases. Not huge things mind you… but irksome nonetheless.

In my profile I clearly state that my potential suitor must have a car (and be able to drive it) since I am not interested in being a chauffeur to a grown man. Well, one gentleman (I shall call him Mr. Transit) showed up late because he had to ‘borrow’ his boss’ minivan since his car just ‘died’. 2 months ago. Mr. Transit was nice enough to have looked at a bus schedule though so that he could take the bus on our 2nd date. There was no second date.

I also stated very clearly in my profile that living at home with your parents was understandable, but that I preferred someone who lived sans-parents or ‘roommate’ (kids, pets etc. were no problem of course!). So when this particular person (I shall refer to him as Mr. Liveathome) indicated that he had just recently moved in with his dad since Mr. Liveathome had just been laid off from his job, I asked Mr. Liveathome if online dating was easy when he found himself living with his elderly father and without an income or job. Apparently this was not the right question to ask. There was no second date.

Another encounter with (let’s call him Mr. Me) an individual who did not at any point during our hour together ask me one single question about myself. Mr. Me’s general question when there was a pause in his conversation was “so.. ask me something else – anything – I am an open book.” Mr. Me was more than an open book. He was his own verbal Wikipedia page. No second date.

It struck me that for all of my brief ‘coffee dates’ I found my mind wandering, thinking about what the girls were up to, wondering what Poppy (my ancient, toothless chihuahua) was doing, and did I remember to PVR The Following in case I didn’t get home in time for the beginning scene… Does this mean I’m not ready for dating? Maybe it’s simply indicative of the fact that I wasn’t on dates with the ‘right’ people. Or maybe it just means I would rather be chatting with my girls, snuggling with my dog, watching Kevin Bacon. And that’s okay.

Here are some interesting online dating statistics for those of you venturing into this big, online world of people-shopping…

*A woman’s desirability online peaks at 21
*At age 26, women have more online pursuers than men
*By age 48, men have twice as many online pursuers as Women
*Men lie most about; age, height, income
*Women lie most about: weight, physical build, age
*Annual revenue from the online dating industry – $1,249,000,000
*Percent of sex offenders who use online dating to meet people – 10 %

With those statistics, I may just stick to snuggles with Poppy and nights in with Kevin Bacon..

Leslie McBride

Full-time working single mom to human kids, full-time slave to furry kids. Advocate of volunteering for the whole family, hater of cooking, lover of cooking shows. Secret dream is to one day pen a book of my very own...

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