Intrigue Noir – Harlequin’s Steamy New eBook Line

by Natalie Timperio

November 3rd had Harlequin fans swooning over the launch of the publishing company’s ebook-only line, Intrigue Noir. Releasing four ebooks to coincide with the highly anticipated launch, the real-time Facebook party was hosted by Carol Ericson, acclaimed romance novelist and author of Toxic, a sexy romance mystery featured as one of four Intrigue Noir launch releases.

Accompanying the release of Ericson’s Toxic was Julie Miller’s Bad Girl, Melinda DiLorenzo’s Pinups and Possibilities and Kris Rafferty’s Call Me Tiffany, all of which are of the noir-fiction genre. The seven-hour-long party had guests indulging in all things crime-filled romance that the latest Harlequin line offers to its readers. Among bestselling guest authors every half hour, guests were further able to satiate their love for all things sensuous with exclusive launch party giveaways such as gift cards and signed copies of fan-favourite books.


Intrigue Noir goes beyond that of the traditional romance storyline to that of romance-suspense. Crime and romance fuse together for steamy encounters not unlike the film noir movies of old. Dark, gritty storylines, sensual and thrill seeking characters; the ebook-only line is surely not set for a perilous path, despite the stories its novels may tell.

While Harlequin Intrigue also deals in stories of romantic suspense, Harlequin Intrigue Noir acts as the “darker, sexier, unbound counterpart,” as the publishing house so describes. According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, noir is described as “crime-fiction featuring hard-boiled cynical characters and bleak sleazy settings.” Indeed, this is what Intrigue Noir is all about. Authors of old and new will surely put no stop to the rousing romance readers have come to expect from Harlequin.

Moving forward, readers can anticipate even more from the new line as the months unfold. For now you can relish yourself in the four just-released Intrigue Noir ebooks.

Natalie Timperio

Natalie Timperio is a freelance writer of everything as related to life and style. Her mantra? Write, edit, sleep. Repeat. You can hear more from her on Twitter @natalietimperio and at

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