5 Halloween Movies for the Whole Family

by Sarah Khalid

One thing that I love doing is having movie nights. When I was younger, every Friday after school we would go by the video store, rent a movie, pick up snacks and my family and I would spend the night watching movies.

With Halloween just around the corner, you might be wondering what movies are appropriate for the entire family. Well, have no fear! I have created a list for our Her City readers of Halloween movies that are perfect to watch for people of all ages! Enjoy!

1. The Haunted Mansion (2003)
Even though this movie was made in 2003, I consider it a classic. The Haunted Mansion revolves a man (Eddie Murphy) who is a workaholic and a real estate agent. While attempting to take his family on a trip, work gets in the way and he ends up taking his wife and kids to see this big mansion that is, well, haunted. It is extremely funny, it has a great plot line and it is perfect for the whole family.

2. Halloweentown (1998)
Halloweentown is a big movie in my house because it came out right when my siblings and I started to appreciate movies. It is about a young girl who learns she is a witch and through a secret portal transports to Halloweentown where all sorts of creatures live. Her journey through the magical world is sure to keep all of your little (and big) ones entertained!

3. Casper (1995)
Casper is probably one of the most well known movies when it comes to Halloween. It follows a man who is an expert in all things paranormal and his young daughter who move into a house that is haunted by 3 mischevious ghosts, and one very friendly one (Casper!) This movie is great for the little ones and is definitely a Halloween classic!

4. Frankenweenie (2012)
This movie is very recent and is a good choice for families that have children of all ages. It is about a young boy who wants to bring his puppy back to life using science, only to realize that his actions have big consequences. It also has many comedic moments and will cause many laughs for the entire family.

5. Corpse Bride (2005)
Corpse Bride is about a man who by mistake marries a corpse bride while rehearsing his vows meant for someone else. The movie is very well made and the animations are fantastic. Definitely check out this movie if you want to watch a cute Halloween flick without getting too many goosebumps!

I hope this list comes in handy this month – and don’t forget, no movie night is complete without treats! So get the candy and popcorn ready, and enjoy yourself!

Happy Halloween!

Sarah Khalid

My name is Sarah Khalid and I was born and raised in Toronto, however I am now an undergraduate Communication student at the University of Ottawa, specializing in Media. I have been writing for Her City for a year and a half now, and enjoy writing and exploring a variety of topics such as: beauty, travel, and local city events.

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