5 Must See Halloween Movies to Scare You Senseless

by Sarah Khalid

As much as I love a good romantic comedy, my fascination for horror movies is always reinforced when October rolls around.

If you’re like me and love the thrill and suspense that scary movies bring, make sure to check out the list I have created below of my favourite flicks that are sure to keep you up all night long!

1. The Ring (2002)
The Ring was a very popular movie when it was first released and for good reason. The film is about a young journalist who discovers a videotape from the past that seems to cause the death of anyone who watches it within a week of their viewing. With a detailed backstory and one very scary little girl named Samara, this movie is sure to keep you on your toes.

2. Insidious (2010)
Insidious follows a family whose son is in a comatose state after taking a msyterious fall in the families attic. He wanders through a parallel spirit world and encounters different souls in different forms. If you like demons, devils and creepy music, this movie is for you.

3. One Missed Call (2008)
This movie is definitely not for the weak-hearted. One Missed Call revolves around the lives of people who receive voicemails on their phones of themselves dying, providing the day, time and some sense of the cause of death. This is definitely a movie for someone who loves suspense and a strong plot line – a perfect movie for Halloween night.

4. Shutter (2008)
Shutter is a movie with a plot and ending that will leave you shocked, terrified and probably a little traumatized! It follows the life of Ben and Jane who move to Tokyo for Ben’s job as a photographer. They become tormented by the spirit of a woman who has a connection to Ben, a link that becomes clear towards the end of the movie. This movie is sure to give you the chills, and leave you feeling extremely creeped out, but that makes it a perfect movie to watch around Halloween!

5. Saw (2004)
Saw revolves around a sadistic serial killer who goes by “Jigsaw” who creates intricate rules for two captives chained and locked in a bathroom. The story line is complicated but very interesting. It is a good movie for those who love gore as well as mystery solving. There are many versions of Saw however the first one is my personal favorite.

Make sure to check out some of these films this month, they are sure to put you in the Halloween spirit!

Happy Halloween!

Sarah Khalid

My name is Sarah Khalid and I was born and raised in Toronto, however I am now an undergraduate Communication student at the University of Ottawa, specializing in Media. I have been writing for Her City for a year and a half now, and enjoy writing and exploring a variety of topics such as: beauty, travel, and local city events.

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