Three TV Shows for Winter “Binge Watching”

By Leslie Rakoczy 

Here it is ladies, the lowdown on my top-three best, absolutely-must-watch-consecutively-in-a-row TV shows to watch this winter.  Since this has been one of the worst winters on record for the last 50 years, what better time to snuggle up in your favourite comfies with your go-to snack, and catch up on the best TV viewing around.

Here are my picks for the Top three binge-worthy shows:

Orange is the New Black

It doesn’t get much better than this revolutionary show, an original adaptation by Netflix. Based on the book by Piper Kerman, we find ourselves entangled in a web of multicultural, transgendered, sometimes toothless women, all with personalities and stories as unique as they are similar. Without divulging too much of the story line as I patiently sit and wait for Season 2, get ready for intense and hilarious yet heart-breaking stories. Piper’s story is a peek into the desperate lives of women in prison, filled with strangely enforced codes of conduct and behaviour, even more random rules, and what happens next.

The Big C

The series finale has been aired in the US, and again I sit patiently and wait for the fourth season to appear on Netflix.  This is a profound comedy about a woman diagnosed with terminal cancer. Although this may sound like it borders right on the edge of acceptability and good taste, rest assured it strikes a perfect balance between funny and tragic. Join Cathy Jamison and her dysfunctional family; she’s a feisty yet incredibly ‘needy’ wife and mother trying to celebrate life now that she has been diagnosed with cancer. Her battles with frustration, anger, and finally acceptance had me hooked from the first episode.

The Mindy Project

Rounding out my personal top three, The Mindy Project gives me that giggly, fluffy feeling that we need a good dose of every so often. Mindy Kaling has long been a secret girl-crush of mine, ever since her character Kelly Kapoor appeared on The Office. Her new show, The Mindy Project (now in Season 2) is like a fine wine, the perfect combination of maturity and fruitiness. Mindy plays Dr. Mindy Lahari, an OB-GYN, whose ideals about relationships and love have been formed on a lifetime of watching Nora Ephron-inspired romantic comedies. Her idiosyncrasies and shortcomings are often hilarious and relatable; we’ve all seen a bit of ourselves in Dr. Lahari at one point in time.

These are all worthy of binge-watching this winter, so get comfortable!

Leslie Rakoczy is Her City guest contributor, she can be found on Mom Jeans Rule.


Leslie McBride

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