Pauper’s pub: A landmark in Annex

Pauper’s pub is one of the most popular pubs in the annex area. This 25-year-old pub is located in a century old building, which once used to house a CIBC branch. This three-storey pub has it all. Upon your entrance, you walk into a hip pub, with a cute patio in the back. On the second floor, there is a beautiful lounge, which has weekend live shows, including the Thursday “open mic night”. So, come by and bring along your friends for a little talent show!

But the most beautiful element of this pub, which was referred to as

“Annex’s best kept secret”

(Quoting their website and agreeing with it), is their rooftop patio.  Their roof top patio is so beautiful and the only reason I went to this Pub was my brother’s insistence on me seeing it. He could not stop talking about the wonderful view you could get of Toronto’s skyline. But what I loved about the roof top patio was its cozy feel and the air which seemed extra clean up there. Well, that’s the Annex for you!

Pauper’s food was among the best pub foods I have ever experienced, but if you go there, make sure you order their Bloody Caesar. Their Bloody Caesar was very well-made even and really spicy, just the way I like it!  Although, if you are not a big fan of spicy, maybe you want to try their Sangria, which by the way, my brother has not stopped talking about. He mentioned on several occasions and I quote “they managed to make it perfect”!

So if you are planning to watch a movie at the Bloor Cinema, why not make it a dinner and a movie, in “Annex’s best kept secret”.

by Shirin Khayambashi 


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