The TIFF series: Where to eat and star watch

While you are enjoying your time during the Toronto International Film Festival, don’t forget that there are many restaurants in the area that offer you food and celebrities. There are several restaurants which sponsor TIFF and provide services for movie patrons.

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There are so many restaurants and bars surrounding TIFF, as TIFF is in the entertainment district of Toronto. However, I will try to name a few which were pretty successful last year. These restaurants were favoured by many celebrities and stars.

If you have a ticket for a movie premiere in the TIFF Bell Lightbox, you might want to try Luma, which offers you a chic and trendy dining experience, right above the Lightbox. What’s really cute and unique about this place is its creative ideas. For example, last year, Luma provided themed refreshments which matched the movie being premiered. How cool is that?

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Now, if you prefer to see some stars rather than matching your drinks with movies, don’t forget Brassaii on 461 Queen St. W., as it is the place for celebrities to make appearances.

Also, Terroni (1095 Yonge St.) is the place to be, if you would like to meet Jake Gyllenhaal, Matt Damon or Ben Affleck, as they love this restaurant and were spotted there last year.

How about Momofuko? Momofuko is one of the pre-eminent restaurants in Toronto, and has been raved by many for its food, inspired by Chef David Change. If you want to go there, make sure you book in advance, as it will be packed.

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Buca (604 King St. W.) is another one of the busiest location during TIFF, which was filled with stars last year. Chef Rob Gentile’s scrumptious Italian cuisine has always attracted many TIFF guests, among them many celebrities.

The last, but not least, is Thompson Rooftop (550 Wellington St. W). This is a place to be as the stars all get together for an after party to enjoy the breathtaking view of our beautiful town.  During TIFF, the bar at the Thompson Rooftop stays open until 4 in the morning, so just relax and enjoy your time.


I really wish I could provide you an exhaustive list of restaurant, but the venues are so many and I can just leave you with a few.  I will leave you with one piece of advice before I sign off. During TIFF, don’t stay at home. Go out and venture through the late night life of Toronto. Just make sure to have fun!

by Shirin Khayambashi 


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