The Toronto International Film Festival ended!

This is the last of my TIFF series, since TIFF ended on September 15 and the winners were named.

TIFF was in the city for 10 days and now it is gone. The crowd, excitement, and celebrities are gone, and now, the city is empty and back to its original busy life. The city is quieting down and people are getting back to their daily routines. Although, when looking back at this year’s TIFF, it was a very successful year, as many celebrities attended and the movies gathered many audiences from around the world.

So many great celebrities came to Canada to promote their movies. The red carpet was flourished with wonderful stars like Emma Thompson, Sandra Bullock, George Clooney, Nicole Kidman, and Colin Firth, just to name a few. They were in Toronto and mingled with their fans as they endorsed their movies. All in all, Toronto was the scene for a big party. I bet if you attended the gala screenings, this is not news to you. And if you didn’t this year, you can attend a red carpet event next year. An even better idea is to volunteer for TIFF, as a few hours of volunteering can give you access to the hottest gala events and, obviously, an opportunity to bump into your favourite celebrity.

So many wonderful movies from around the world screened this year. Among those, again just to name a few, was the breathtaking movie, pun intended, Gravity, starring Sandra Bullock, leaves the protagonists to fend for themselves in space after a freak accident.

Another movie that was praised wholeheartedly for its remarkable cinematography and its visual beauty was Only Lovers Left Alive.  This romance film, starred Tilda Swinton and Tom Hiddleston and portrayed a centuries-old love affair between two vampires.

And we must not forget the late James Gandolfini’s turn in one of his final roles, before his sudden tragic death, Enough Said.  “Enough said” is a romantic comedy following the romantic misadventures of a middle aged divorcee (Julia Louise-Dreyfus).

Husband and Grand seduction were two Canadian movies that received a lot of attention, produced by two of the best Canadian directors, Bruce McDonald and Don McKellar.

My personal favourite was Borgman. A mindboggling and creepy Dutch thriller, whose wide release I am already anticipating. These are just a few movies that I would recommend out of so many incredible entries, so this list only includes my favourite movies from TIFF.

Among all of the entries, one movie grasped TIFF audiences by the heart.


12 Years a Slave was the winner of the Blackberry People’s Choice Award and was praised for its amazing acting and wonderful directing. In fact, it seems everyone loved it. Chiwetel Ejiofor was praised by many on different occasions for his wonderful portrayal of a free man in 1840, who was kidnapped and sold into slavery. As I did not follow up on my own advice to buy my tickets in advance, I lost my chance to attend its premiere or any of its screenings, but I will be first in line when it gets a wider release.

I had fun during TIFF, and I hope you did too.

by Shirin Khayambashi

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