Business Etiquette

While you may believe you are simply trying to be friendly, using a term of endearment to address a customer can backfire in a big way. What is considered a term of endearment to one can be a term of condescension to another.

For many, the use of terms such as sweetie, honey, hun, babe or the like is limited to conversations with close family, friends and the people they are most comfortable with.  Always refer to a customer as sir, madam or miss. Respect goes a long way.

In fact, business etiquette does as well.

Arguing with a coworker or employee in front of a customer will do nothing more than make your customer feel uncomfortable, aggravated and turned off.  Unless you are looking to lose him or her as a customer, an issue with a colleague or worker should be addressed privately and behind closed doors.

Doing it out in the open will show nothing more than a lack of respect and professionalism – not exactly the traits you want associated with your business.  Always set and maintain a professional and courteous tone in your business.

Your customers will appreciate it.

Marzena von Besser is founder and publisher of Her City Lifestyle, and owner of Von Besser Jewellery. Her quick business tips appear weekly.

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