Passion for a day or passion for life?

It seems to me that the world would like us to think that passion can only be expressed in terms of love and romance, and only for one day a year: Valentine’s Day. Take a look in Hallmark stores, or travel up and down the aisles in your liquor or food store. You are being urged to pick up some bubbly for your special sweetheart. Shiny, red and heart-shaped boxes are waiting for you to snatch them up to prove your passion for one special person.

Is passion only around for one day in February? And it is for only one person?


We live a life of passion. We have passion for our dreams, our possessions, pets, poetry and a passion for doing a really great job.

I’m not sure about you, but I can’t count how many times I’ve been told that “we do things this way, because we’ve always done it this way, here’s the file, don’t go off track and get it wrong.”

Bam! That’s how you stop a passionate person in their tracks.

I take a non-linear approach to projects and life; I’ve got colleagues and friends to worry about the linear aspect things. I like to walk outside the lines to bring new approaches to interesting projects. Who doesn’t? You can bring your inner passion to work every day. To meet every challenges face them as challenges, they’re not just ‘day to day’ or ‘annual initiatives’ that come up every year. They’re new every year.

Here’s just one example of how you can bring your passion with you every day.

The Annual Report, face it with passion. It could be the same every single year. Yes we have to report on numbers and finances and work within established reporting and brand guidelines. But, does it have to be a long, bound glossy book that serves only the financial set? A piece of work that sits on a shelf?


Stretch your view outside of the box and consider how you can bring some of those annual results to life. I’ve put Annual Reports on post cards, one-pagers and into highly interactive websites. It wasn’t easy; I had to find early adopters to champion my ideas because we’ve always done it this way. So I took my time and worked with interdepartmental teams to helped build understanding and passion about what we could accomplish if we took another route. The result was more people thinking about how to do something old … new.

We delivered an Annual Report that interested a broader range of audiences and was elegantly re-purposed for many audiences. The stories came to life, the financials backed up the results. More parts of the organization shared the information in different ways. In the end, we engaged new people; new contacts we could track, segment and communicate with later.

Don’t let anyone tell you that passion is only about romance and can only happen on February 14. Every day is a new project, a new opportunity with fresh outlook and a new passion waiting to be lit, you just have to be ready to take it and run.

Stacey Diffin-Lafleur

Smart, small and curious. I am a marketing professional who works fast, thinks fast, and get the right results … fast. With a positive and strategic outlook into the world and years of practical experience, I understand the value of relationships and the impact that these can deliver.

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