Sanity Saving Tips for Busy Women

by Susan Murphy

Ever feel like you’re just never going to get a chance to rest? Me too. Between running a business, playing in a band, volunteering, getting enough exercise and teaching college students, I don’t have a whole lot of extra time. I know you’re feeling the same way. People often ask me how I manage to do it all. Well, over the years, I’ve managed to streamline some aspects of my life to ensure I can fit it all in. Here are a few ideas that might help you. 

Outsource Your Busy Work

When my life got busier a few years back, I found that I was letting things slip. The biggest slip came with housecleaning. Both my husband and I were so busy that by the time some time off rolled around, the house was a disaster and neither of us had the energy to do anything about it. These days, the best money I spend is on having someone come in and clean my house. Seriously, I don’t miss cleaning the bathtub one bit! Outsource those things in your life that keep you busy when you could be doing other things. Cleaners don’t cost as much as you think – give up that $6 latte every day and you’ll be able to afford it. 

If It’s Not In Your Calendar, It Won’t Happen

I put everything in my calendar – work stuff, personal stuff, when bills are due, daily tasks, you name it. If it’s not in my calendar, it doesn’t happen. And writing it into my calendar gets it out of my head, so I don’t have to worry about it until it’s time to do it. Once you start mapping everything out in your calendar, you’ll quickly find that you have gaps of time, and they will often be larger than you think. Get in the habit of keeping your calendar close by, and you’ll be a lot less overwhelmed, I promise


When I was first starting out in business, I used to try and do everything. It quickly lead me to burn out city, and I was in over my head. Soon, I learned to delegate tasks to others on my team, and not only did my workload ease, but I also was in a better place to do the work I was supposed to be doing. I even started to delegate in my personal life, and I’ve never looked back. Don’t be afraid to ask for help if you need it. 


I know it can be hard to consider sleep when you feel like you’re running 24/7, but it’s so very important. Do what you can to get 7-9 hours of sleep a night. Make a point of shutting down in the evenings before bed. Even if there’s still stuff to do, make it wait till tomorrow. The world will not end. And you know those gaps in your schedule that pop up now that you’re putting everything in your calendar? There’s nothing wrong with using that time for a nap! 

Your time is your most valuable asset. Do what you can to save as much as you can and you’ll be far more relaxed, and able to enjoy life. Good luck! 

Susan Murphy

Susan Murphy has been working in media and communications for 25 years. She is an award winning television producer with hundreds of shows to her credit. Susan is a partner and digital storyteller at Jester Creative Inc., where she helps people find compelling ways to connect with their audience through video, web design, social media, and training. - See more at:

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