Spring Cleaning Your Technology

Ahh, Spring. That time of year when we excitedly throw open the windows, allowing the fresh air to cleanse the staleness of a long winter until it’s just a distant memory.

Spring is also a great time to get your digital life in order. Here are a few ways you can get some spring cleaning done on your technology, and give a new life to your devices.

Scrub Away Unused AppsIf you’re like me, you love to try new apps. But how many of those apps you have installed on your phone or tablet have just been sitting there, taking up space for months? Now’s the time to do an app purge. Go through all the apps on your smart phone and tablet and get rid of ones you no longer use. You’ll free up space on your device and I guarantee you’ll feel lighter too!

Dump That Desktop
Do you collect icons on your computer desktop? If you’re using your desktop as a storage solution, now is the time to stop! Not only do you run the risk of losing everything if your hard drive crashes, but that disorganized mess just means you’re spending more time searching for files and less time being productive with them. Move your files off your desktop and onto a portable hard drive, or back them up with a cloud storage solution like Dropbox or Google Drive.

Clean Up Your Cloud
If you’re already using a cloud storage solution, good for you! Now get in there and sort out those files that you’ve been dumping in there all willy-nilly for the past 6 months. Create a folder structure and stick with it. Trust me, it will save you oodles of time if you’re not always having to search endlessly for files.

Get Your Inbox to Zero and Keep it There
Do you have 2,000 unread emails in your inbox? Now is the time to fix that! Spring is a great time to develop new habits and having a clean inbox is a great one. Go through your unread emails and reply, delete, archive or defer. Then, use that same system to keep your inbox tidy. I promise you’ll be more productive.

Cleaning up your technology is a great way to lighten your load and improve your productivity. Try these spring cleaning tips and let me know how it goes!

Susan Murphy

Susan Murphy has been working in media and communications for 25 years. She is an award winning television producer with hundreds of shows to her credit. Susan is a partner and digital storyteller at Jester Creative Inc., where she helps people find compelling ways to connect with their audience through video, web design, social media, and training. - See more at: http://hercity.ca/our-team#sthash.lwk14PhL.dpuf

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