“Hello, My Name Is…”: Tips for Remembering Your Customers’ Names

Nothing makes a customer feel more important and respected than remembering their name–especially since you’ve have many new faces come through your door.

Although the standard advice you’ll get to remember someone’s name is to use it over and over in a conversation, the trick is not to come across as insincere, annoying, or irritating.

Get engaged: Give the person 100% of your attention when talking to them. If you allow yourself to get distracted, or worse yet, think of who they remind you of, you’re giving more attention to the other person’s name, and whatever you give attention to is more likely to stick in your mind.

By association: Create mental pictures of the person you’re talking to dressed as or standing next to someone you know with the same name (a celebrity perhaps).

You’re unforgettable: Discreetly study the person’s features and remember certain characteristics that are unforgettable–long eyelashes, a unique haircut, incredibly white (or not so white) teeth, etc. Take the feature that stands out the most to you and attach the person’s name to it.

Repeat, repeat, repeat: Carve their name in your mind by repeating it about three times during the conversation–as a conversation starter (“So Frank, what are you doing for your wife on Valentine’s Day?”), during the conversation (“Andrea, you’ve got great taste in jewelry”) and while concluding the conversation (“Marcus, so great to meet you.”).

Let me introduce you: Introduce the person to two other people. Repeating their name by doing this is necessary–the person meeting them needs to know the name, and you’re committing it to your mind in the process.

Write this way: Have a contest or a prize giveaway; ask the person to enter the contest and watch them write their name or offer to write it down for them.  Ask for the spelling.

Marzena von Besser is founder and publisher of Her City Lifestyle, and owner of Von Besser Jewellery. Her quick business tips appear weekly.



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