Holiday Budget Tips

With the holiday season creeping up quickly, many people start to stress about the financial burden it can put on a family. From gifts and food, to outings and postage, the significant amount of money that people spend on the holiday season only continues to rise. Fortunately, there are some great ways to save on all of the makings of a warm and happy holiday season.

Homemade Gifts

A huge trend in gift-giving is creating handmade or personalized presents for your friends and family. If you have a tight budget, but still want to ensure you treat everyone with a surprise this season, creating something yourself is a great way to do it. One of my favourite handmade gifts is the ‘cookie jar;’ using a mason jar and all the dry ingredients needed for your favourite cookie recipe, you can give the gift of a special indulgence. Some other impressive ideas include customized mugs (using a permanent marker and dollar store glassware,) handmade sugar scrubs, and even Spa in a Jar!
Printable Gift Tags: Why spend money on gift tags when you can find hundreds of fun, and free, printables online. These are a great way to save some money, because you never realize how much even the little additions add up during the holidays. There are so many great themes and colours available, and you can print them on regular printer paper if you don’t want to buy cardstock. Since they just get thrown out anyways, there’s really no reason to overspend on this small addition to your gifts.


Throughout the many celebrations of this time of year, the costs start to add up. Luckily, many companies are very aware of this, and try to help with sales and coupons. Everything from grocery markets to toy stores offer discounts at this time of year to help cut costs. The best way to stay on top of the sales is to sign up for the e-mail blasts and newsletters that your favourite stores offer; this way, you never miss out on a good opportunity to save. Many times, they offer extra money-saving opportunities to their subscribers as well, so it’s a good chance to save some extra change.

Charity Donation

One of my favourite options this season, if you aren’t stuck on the idea of giving everyone and individual gift, is to make a charitable donation. With this, you are making an important contribution to a cause in need, and it makes everyone feel good to know they’ve helped. If you are going with this option, it’s important to give a card of some kind to your gift recipients, so they are aware of the donation. This is a great way to give back during the season of giving, and gives you the option of making one financial contribution, instead of purchasing many gifts and trinkets.

Always remember that the holidays are not about giving or receiving, but about sharing love and light with your family and friends. You don’t need to spend a lot to ensure that your loved ones know how much you care.

Chelsey Gike

Creator of fabulous fetes, designer of sassy stems, glitter lover and girly girl. Creative thinker, passionate about love, and all the fabulous things that go into your big day.

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