Say “Cheese”–Without the Wine

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We all enjoy a nice drink at a social event, but put that glass or bottle away when the photographer comes around to snap your picture.

You don’t want that moment, frozen in time, to portray you as a lush.

Every picture published–especially on a website or a social media page–is a permanent online tattoo that will speak to your reputation whether you’re a business owner, a potential employer, or employee. Pictures that depict someone merely enjoying a drink convey a message that could be misinterpreted.

One drink does not translate into a night of binge drinking, but potential employers often make hiring decisions once they’ve checked the applicants’ Facebook profiles and Googled them as part of the background check. Similarly, potential employees research companies and potential employers as part of the interview preparation process.

If you don’t want someone to see something–and make assumptions about you–don’t post it online. Better yet, don’t do it. Keep that glass out of the frame so you can leave a positive impression and keep your reputation intact.

Marzena von Besser is founder and publisher of Her City Lifestyle, and owner of Von Besser Jewellery. Her quick business tips appear weekly.

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