Working from Home Can Be a Productive Experience (Really!)

By Nadia Wallace

There are plenty of reasons why many of us shouldn’t, or can’t, work from home. But I’ve learned that managing the most intrusive factors that contribute to not being successful, is the only way to overcome them.


If you’re a caregiver of any kind, you can work around your charges’ schedule. Start your work early in the morning before everyone wakes up. If you have little ones, nap time can equal editing time. On the way to pick up school-aged kids, drop packages at the post office. In other words, you squeeze work in where and when you can.


You can save time by having a pet service come in to walk dogs, or entertain other animals. Many people can’t get home on their lunch break, or with long commutes don’t get home until late at night. Getting outside or just tossing a squeaky toy around is a break that many of us work-at-home people need.


Unless you have clients coming to your home, you can technically wear whatever you want, be it pyjama bottoms, flip-flops, or a faded t-shirt. But office attire is great, and may keep you motivated to be in work mode.

Leave social calls where they belong

Stop answering social calls. You’re working. Don’t be afraid to set boundaries with family, friends, or neighbours. It took mine over a year to realize that I can’t socialize during certain hours. This includes phone chats, uneccessary social media, stopping to go to the store, or watching daytime television. Distractions mean not working, and not working  means no paycheque for many of us.

Get some air

Working from home can leave you feeling isolated and out of touch. Try to get out of the house every day. Walk to get your daily green smoothie. Join a once-a-week book club. Smiling faces can make your day.

Nadia Wallace is a guest contributor for Her City Lifestyle. She can be found at


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